Česká Ves



Mayor: Mgr. Jindřich Jermář

Address: OÚ Česká Ves
Jánského 341
790 81 Česká Ves

Telephone: +420-584-428240

E-mail: info@cves.cz

Statistical data

Municipality area: 24,51 km2

Population: 2494


Kindergarten - 4 classes
Basic school - 16 classes
Services: Post - office, medical centre

Sewerage, aqueduct, gas

Number of unemployed people: 126 (10,32%)

Municipality characteristics

Česká Ves appears in historical sources quite late, i.e. in 1416, the reason probably is that local residents were previously included as part of a much bigger village in the valley of the river Bělá called Waltersdorf (Walterovice), which is already mentioned in 1284. The first mention of Česká Ves is in connection with the properties of the Wroclaw bishops and their Frývaldov dominia and from 1547 they became sole owners of the property. At this time the number of settlers grew significantly in connection with intensive mining of gold ore, even if this gold fever lasted only for a short time. The village Česká Ves (400 m above sea level) is directly linked to the north part of Jeseník and lies in the valley of the river Bělá and along the road and railway line, which lead to north-eastern Mikulovice and onwards to Poland. The greatest change in the villages development came about in 1896 with the foundation of a factory producing chains. This has since grown into a relatively large company.



Photo of Česká Ves



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